Edited: 27.02.2024
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  • Sum: starting with 200,000.00 Dram
  • Term: 6 - 8 months
  • Payment: At the end of the term
  • Adding։ prohibited
  • Reduce։ prohibited
  • Termination։ allowed

It's high time for your business free funds to generate income as well. Invest your free funds in Inecobank and get a sustainable income to boost your business growth. Regardless of the savings goal, our skilful professionals will provide you with highly personalized offers for the benefit of your business.

The leadingglobal rating agency Moody's Investors Service awarded Inecobank a B1 rating for long-term deposits in national currency and a B2 rating for long-term deposits in foreign currency. This rating is equal to the rating awarded to the Republic of Armenia and is the best possible rating indicator for a private company. It reflects Inecobank's diversified loan portfolio, high asset quality and ability to prevent potential losses, capital adequacy ratio, sustainable funding and high level of liquidity.

Interest payment frequency

  • Interests can be paid monthly with 0.5 points less than specified in the corresponding chart
  • Interest paid is not capitalized

The Deposit cannot be replenished or reduced.

The maximum amount of gross deposit/s per one depositor is:

  • For deposits in AMD-25, 000, 000 AMD
  • For deposits in USD-50, 000 USD
  • For deposits in Euro-50, 000 Euros