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Edited: 14:45, 19.09.2018

Deposit «Safe»

Physical entity / Euro

Deposit Amount: starting with 200 Euro.

Deposit Period: 331 - 365 days.


Choose “Safe” deposit with “ID Bank” CJSC and benefit 9.25% annual interest rate. You can deposit the amount either with or without the right to replenish. You can get free MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Gold plastic cards.

Annual interest rate and the general terms and conditions for “Safe” deposits without the right to replenish attracted for 1 097 days and more, and for “Safe” deposit with the right to replenish attracted for more than 451 days and /or, exceeding AMD 100 000 000 (one hundred million), USD 200 000 (two hundred thousand) or EUR 200 000 (two hundred thousand) and attracted for more than 366 days and/or exceeding 12 000 000 (twelve million) million RUB shall be agreed and set out additionally.
4. Periodicity of replenishment of the deposit amount during the due date of the deposit agreement is not limited, and the deposit amount due to such replenishment may not exceed AMD 100 000 000 (one hundred million), USD 200 000 (two hundred thousand), EUR 200 000 (two hundred thousand), RUB 12 000 000 (twelve million). Interest on such replenished principal is accrued according to the interest rate set out by the deposit agreement, except for cases where the deposit is replenished on or before the 90th days prior to the maturity, at which the interest shall be calculated at the rate determined for the demand deposits. Both the Depositor and any other willing person may replenish the deposit unless otherwise is stipulated by the deposit agreement.
5. The minimum amount of the deposit is AMD 100.000 (one hundred thousand), or USD 200 (two hundred), or EUR 200 (two hundred), or RUB 12.000 (twelve thousand); such condition is to be met in order to receive the interest in accordance with the scales specified in clauses 1 and 2 of this information bulletin.
6. The Depositor may make the deposit for the benefit of the third party, which acquires the right to manage the deposit from the time of conclusion of the first deal with the deposit, representing the first requirement to the Bank based on such right, or submitting written request for such deal, and the Depositor (investor) shall loose its right to the deposit.
6.1. In case where the deposit is executed for the benefit of the third party (adult capable person) without the knowledge of the latter, the depositor shall himself bear the responsibility for the presentation of all ID documents of such third party and all the legal consequences thereof.
7. The deposit account may be replenished by any third parties, provided however that some information on the deposit account is provided by such third parties, unless otherwise is provided by the agreement.
8. Interest accrued on the deposit is paid on monthly basis or at the maturity.
9. Bank account in Armenian drams is opened for deposits in any currency.
10. Upon the request of the depositor the interest amount accrued on the deposit in foreign currency may be paid in the currency of the deposit, in cases other than those stipulated by the CBA. Unless the client requested receipt of the interest amount in the given currency, such interest shall be paid in Armenian drams on the basis of going exchange rate applicable by the Bank.
11. In the event of prior withdrawal of the deposit amount accepted by the Bank or a part thereof the interest accrued from the date of accepting the deposit until the day preceding to the day of withdrawal shall be re-calculated at the rate of demand deposit set for such currency.
12. In the event of prior withdrawals if the amount of interests received by the Depositor exceeds the amount due to the Depositor (transferred to the bank account or set off against other liabilities), the difference shall be deducted from the returned principal deposit amount and in case the amount of received interests is less than the amount due to the Depositor, such difference shall be paid to the Depositor.

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