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Edited: 16:50, 21.09.2018

Deposit «Term»

Physical entity / Dram

Deposit Amount: starting with 1.000.000 Dram.

Deposit Period: up to 24 months.


  • Term deposits are attracted in AMD, USD and EUR.
  • The amount of the deposit is not changed during the tenor of deposit agreement.
  • In case per depositor’s request the term deposit is returned before maturity or before the emergence of the circumstances, as described in the agreement, the interest payable is calculated at the interest rate, set by the bank, provided that it does not exceed the interest accrued on the term deposit. In case the interest payable resulting from the early redemption is less than interest paid, the bank retains the right to debit other accounts of the client or the principal of the term deposit with the difference.
  • In case the depositor doesn’t request the amount at the end of maturity or when the circumstances, stipulated by the agreement, emerge, the agreement is considered to be prolonged with the terms and conditions of a demand deposit agreement, if nothing else is stipulated by the agreement.
  • During the effect of the deposit agreement the interest rate shall not be unilaterally decreased by the bank.
  • At the end of maturity of term deposit the principal is credited to the current account or demand deposit account at client option.
  • Interest is accrued on term deposit account based on a 365-day (three hundred sixty-five) calendar year and paid in AMD at the end of maturity. The accrued interest is credited to the current account and/or demand deposit account of the depositor. In case of a foreign currency deposit, the accrued interest is converted to AMD at the rate, set by the bank, and paid.
  • All disputes between the bank and the client are subject to regulation in the courts of the Republic of Armenia.
  • Interest is calculated from the next day of investment till the previous day of maturity.
  • Annual interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY) for the deposit are the same.
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