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Edited: 14:16, 22.09.2018

Deposit «Progress»

Physical entity / Euro

Deposit Amount: starting with 500 Euro.

Deposit Period: 1 - 18 months.


In case of monthly payment of interest, the deposit interest rate is defined 0.5% less from the appropriate schedule.

In this case, the interest accrued as of the date of withdrawal shall be recalculated at the interest rate set for the preceding, shorter maturity period applied for the deposit Progress, for the time period starting from the date of making the deposit until the date of withdrawal of the respective amount. If less than the minimum deposit term set for the deposit Progress has passed from the date of signing of the deposit agreement until the date of withdrawal of the amount, then recalculation is made at the interest rate currently applied at the Bank for the demand deposit.

Converse Bank
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