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Innovative Deposit Calculator
16:16, 24.02.2016

Continuing the innovative approaches, news agency has today presented a simplified innovative tool for calculating the income from deposits, with the help of which the income can be counted by entering only the money invested. This calculator differs from other deposit calculators represented in websites of banks and other financial services/banking sites in a way that it does not impose importing money, rate, dates, monthes and any other type of information. Our innovative technologies will make these actions instead of You. You need to choose the deposit, fill in ONLY THE MONEY that You are going to invest and click the “Calculate” button. The system will calculate and present the daily, monthly and annual income that You will get. Besides, You may choose an ordinary “Deposit calculator” and make calculations. We are hopeful that our contributions will be useful for deposit attractors and investors. Wait for new and interesting surprises.

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