Edited: 28.02.2024
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  • Sum: starting with 100,000.00 Dram
  • Term: 367 - 545 days
  • Payment: monthly
  • Addition: allowed
  • Reduce։ prohibited
  • Termination։ prohibited

The Depositor can add additional amounts to the deposit (on which interests set forth by the Agreement shall accrue) in the following cases:
- Should the deposit be placed for 274 days or longer (or be prolonged for the same period), the deposit may be supplemented by the 180th day preceding the expiry of the (prolonged) term of the deposit and only with amounts not to exceed the deposit balance existing at the moment of placement (prolongation) .
- No amounts can be added to the Deposit in case the deposit is placement for a term less than 274 days and in case of prolongation the amounts shall be added only on prolongation day and shall not exceed the Deposit balance.