Frequently asked questions

Which banks' deposits are presented on the site?

The website presents deposits of all banks (Armenian and foreign) operating in the Republic of Armenia.

Who posts deposits, bank details, branches, news?

In the administrative part of the website, each bank is registered as a separate user and all the information of the given bank (data, deposits, branches, news) is filled, edited, blocked or removed by the bank employee.
The website does not have any interference with the data entered by the banks.

What should I do if the interest rate on the deposit does not correspond to the interest rate indicated on the bank’s website, or the field is empty?

If the interest rate on the deposit differs from the similar interest rate on the deposit presented on the website of this bank, or the bank’s deposit field in the table is empty, you can call this bank for clarification.

What will be the profit on my investment?

To see the return on the amount invested, select your preferred interest rate, then write the amount in the “Deposit Calculator” at the bottom of the page and click “Calculate”. The system will calculate* and display the amount of income depending on the conditions and term of this deposit (for example, monthly, quarterly, termly, etc.).
* For individuals, the system displays net income minus 10% income tax. In the case of business deposits, income is reported tax free.

How can I view the interest rates for all deposits offered for the period I am interested in?

To see the interest rates on all deposits for the period you are interested in, click on the “Annual Interest” heading at the top of the table (or the arrow) and in the window that opens, select the interest period (for example: up to 1 month, 1 – 3 months, etc.).

Who can give a rating and how?

Banks, branches and deposits can be rated by anyone with an email address. You must indicate the rating and enter the code sent to your email address. The rating can also be edited (changed).
One person cannot rate from different email addresses.