Edited: 06.03.2024
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  • Sum: starting with 200.00 Euro
  • Term: 91 - 180 days
  • Payment: At the end of the term
  • Adding։ prohibited
  • Reduce։ prohibited
  • Termination։ allowed

Do you want to place a deposit with high interest rate but do not have time? You can place EvocaONLINE deposit without approaching the Bank! We will send all the documents to your e-mail.

The deposit is accepted from physical individuals and legal entities solely through EvocaTOUCH and EvocaONLINE remote control systems.

In addition to saving your time we also offer an interest rate of 0.25% higher than our current interest rate in case you place a deposit for the period of 1 year or longer.

As a depositor of the Bank you will also receive an international card totally free of charge.

Evocabank always cares about your comfort.