Get 5% cashback on your AMIO digital card!

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16:01, 09.02.2024
Get 5% cashback on your AMIO digital card!

Change your financial routine with our modern digital card, combining convenience and security. AMIO digital card is not only just a card, but your smart transition to more accessible, practical and controllable expenses.
The benefits of AMIO Digital card are:
Time-saving: Instant opening and activation of the card with the opportunity to make transactions.
Facile card provision: AMIO digital card provision within minutes, as compared with traditional plastic cards.
Freedom: Limitless shopping opportunities.
Security: Your AMIO digital card is protected by advanced and superior security systems.
Contactless payments: Make payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Cash-out option. Money withdrawal from contactless /NFC/ ATMs by your code, which you will receive via SMS after opening the card, moreover, in case you forget your code, you can change it quickly in the AMIO Mobile Bank app.
Cashbacks. Get exclusive cashback for every purchase making use of a special promotion valid for all AMIO digital cardholders.
So, being an AMIO Visa Digital cardholder, you'll get 5% cashback on transactions in supermarkets, and if you're an AMIO MasterCard Digital cardholder, you'll get another 5% cashback on transactions in restaurants and petrol/gas stations, up to 10,000 AMD per month or equivalent foreign currency during each calendar month.
Hurry up to become an AMIO digital cardholder, as the promotion will be valid until March 30, 2024.

Source: Amiobank