AVAND.am financial-banking website has been relaunched

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16:55, 04.02.2024
AVAND.am financial-banking website has been relaunched

AVAND.am financial-banking website has been relaunched. Now the site is presented with a new look, content and features.
Website visitors will not need to visit all banks, or bank websites, or call banks in order to compare offered deposit interest rates and conditions.
Now website visitors can see all the information on one page, compare the advantages and features of deposits, compare them and choose the most suitable option.
At the same time, we have created equal opportunities for banks, as a result of which the latter can present the deposits involved, interest rates, their conditions and offers, which will be immediately available on the website.
Banks can also post press releases and information materials about deposits, which will be distributed on social networks, on the pages of AVAND.am (Facebook, Instagram, X, Telegram, OK).
In addition to the above tools, banks can enter a list of branches and other important information, which will help our visitors to find or contact the bank more easily.

Source: AVAND.am